BKI Hot Cases


Thinking About a BKI Hot Case?

Well, if you want the best hot case on the market then you seriously need to think about BKI hot cases… They are a great way to show off your food and improve holding time.

We will shoot you straight – the advantages of a BKI hot case are pretty endless compared to the others on the market! You get a quality product, rock-solid warranty, top-notch service and FREE training in many areas of the United States… Sounds like a can’t miss deal, right?

WDCG-4TBKI Hot Cases: Way Above the Rest

First of all, you need consistent food products… I mean that is what you stake your foodservice name one – having quality, consistent products every time a customer comes up to the hot case. That’s why it can’t be understated how big the use of soft, ambient light for even heating throughout your product is. With this, you can expect up to four hour hold times for products such as gravies and potatoes but without the product drying out in the meantime… This means you won’t have to throw as much product out while improving consistency!

Plus, PFSbrands is your one-stop hot food shop. We stock replacement parts and ship directly to you. We take out what little hassle there is in owning any BKI product, hot cases included!

Basically Maintenance Free

Obviously with any foodserivce equipment you want to keep it spotless. It doesn’t get any easier than cleaning a BKI hot case. Its stainless steel construction makes it easy to clean – all you need is a mild soap and water! Plus, the curved-front glass also lifts which makes is incredibly simple to maintain and easily accessible. We’ve already mentioned the soft ambient light, but the thin, fluorescent tube bulbs have replaced the old vertical lamps that were a burden when working inside the hot case. Seriously, BKI hot cases are built to be durable (takes a bulldozer to stop them) but also practical for day-to-day use.

BKI Hot Cases: A Size for Any Location!

Finally, a few other great features include the easy slide doors on the back of the case make it a breeze to load product, the poly top table helps hold food during loading and the touch screen temperature controls ensure that all of your wells will stay at the same temperature throughout the day – meaning consistent food! And it all turns on with the push of a button!

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Trust us, BKI hot cases are truly built for life. We haven’t even mentioned our financing options which makes a new hot case affordable for ANYONE! Top of the line products, product training and affordable investment options make this a no-brainer for your location! Check out our leasing page for a quick calculator or jump online and check out our selection. By contacting us directly you can custom order just about any aspect of your case to fit your location’s needs – BINGO!

Work with the best, and fry with the best. Check out our selection or email equipment.division@PFSbrands.com with any questions!